Finding Your Voice

There is a TV show I enjoy called “The Voice”.   This show for me displays a positive avenue for dreams to be given wings for those singing to win the night or those simply watching with the same idea / vision for themselves.  Coaches always give uplifting feedback that does not diminish their dreams even if for some reason they don’t seemingly do their best. 
It has me thinking today about how wonderful it would be for every adult or child to feel safe in sharing their ideas / dreams without being made fun of or feeling like they were odd one of the family or group.
By watching the show it also gave me a chance to look back thru my own “looking glass” as an adult sharing my childhood dream of “I want to travel the world to make people happy… make a difference in peoples lives”.  
My work with ITMI (International Tour Management Institute) and SilverLining gives me a chance to say to whom I lovingly call my “gremlins” … thank you for helping me stay strong to finding a way …to make a difference in peoples lives…
Travel … SilverLining and ITMI… my vehicle … my voice…to the belief that together traveling we will build a culture that can enrich, enchant and inspire the human spirit to live life fully and give back to those voices that have not yet had the privilege to be heard.